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    Day after day, the new telephony technologies (such as voice mail, computer answering machines, auto informers etc.) become more and more popular. Besides software, these technologies require voice cards (e.g. Dialogic) that are priced fairly high. However, the majority of computer telephony functions can be implemented using usual voice modems. Featuring prices times and times lower than the voice cards, voice modems are quite popular and can be found on many end-user machines.

    That is why, back in 1995, an idea of using voice modem for mass-calling to telephone users came to us. In a couple of months this idea had grown up to something bigger and better, a FoxPro language library that allowed dialing a phone number and sending a voice file via telephone line. The library was compatible with ZyXel U-1496 modems only. Despite its modest functionality it is still the right tool for many tasks.

    As time was passing, voice modem software evolution was quite intensive, bringing older tools to thorough re-design and bringing the voice telephony idea to the new level. We are glad to present several software products based on this technology breakthrough.

    Modern business is heavily relied on automatic telephony solutions. Managing customers' calls and providing support using voice lines is one of the most important tasks every business has to accomplish. The technology today offers various solutions, however most of them are very complicated, requiring a dedicated technician to operate the machine-powered service. Moreover, most of them are priced way to high to comply with profitability matter. So, is everything that miserable? Presenting Autosecretary by Eugene Abramov ...
    Most of the computer telephony solutions, you may have ran into, require additional hardware for call processing and voice recognition. Autosecretary offers absolutely different approach, utilizing innovative software voice processing technology. It requires only a voice modem and a sound card to bring you full blown computer telephony solution that allows you to put almost insurmountable task of giving the same information over a phone line to hundreds or thousands of customers on the shoulders of a computer system.
    Autosecretary is capable of handling incoming and outgoing phone calls based on AI (artificial intelligence) voice processing feature. Whether you run a technical support line that offers different information, basing on user input (both as DFTM tone signals and speech) or a telephone announcement broadcast service, Autosecretary is your choice!
    It can call your customers on the telephone and give them different sets of voice information depending on what you want to tell this group of customers. Autosecretary is script driven, featuring its own SQL-like script language easy to learn and use so that even a kid could use it.
    Autosecretary can operate as a digital answering machine recording all incoming calls and storing them in a database for further re-use. You can record callers' voice messages (the recording time is limited by free HDD space only) and then re-use them when constructing your own phone line broadcasts.

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